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Le 177      Le Havre

holiday rental - apartment in Normandy

Well situated in Le Havre downtown listed in Unesco world heritage, LE 177 is a convenient holiday rental apartment for those who want to visit the city and main touristic attractions in Normandy (Honfleur, Etretat, Deauville, Rouen, Landing beaches and Caen)

The apartement can accommodate from 2 to 4 guests, the 177 could be rent for a week-end, midweek, week or more.

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Once upon a time

Le 177 Le Havre ...


Our building was built in 1874 in red brick equipment ( clay ) and yellow (which are the building blocks of a local specialty vase and a fairly resistant material ) .


This building was at that time offered for rent with the petty bourgeoisie and the officials whose offices are located on the same boulevard.

Indeed, since it was built after 1850 our boulevard becomes the address sought offices of shipping companies (Compagnie Générale Transatlantique , Chargeurs Réunis, Maison Odinet , Cunard Lines ...). It is also the headquarters of large administrations of the city : Town hall, Sous-Prefecture, Customs, Court, Palais de la Bourse, local newspapers, military barracks and all services : banks, post office and the telegraph station .

In 1890, Le Havre is one of the richest cities in France after experiencing unparalleled growth : the population increased from 60,000 to 117,000 people in thirty years.


Despite the destruction of the Second World War (the effects of the bombing are visible on the south side of the boulevard which marks a sort of "boundary" between the city of the nineteenth century and the rebuilt city), a large number of buildings are still there to witness this exceptional period for the city. And tradition to implant the activities of shipping companies is still alive : the Franklin Building was built for the U.S. Lines in 1947 and more recently we have seen signs of major Chinese shipowners appear on the boulevard : China Shipping , Cosco, etc. .... The former headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce has been converted into a hotel and casino while police and some courts (Trade Prudhommes and minors) were implanted in the building built opposite Le 177 .

In 2012, the tram runs again on the boulevard took advantage of a comprehensive redevelopment that showcases the soft modes. The beach is three tram stations or ¼ h cycle ride ...


Our apartment Le 177 Le Havre is classified  "Meublé de Tourisme 3 ***" by the Ministry of Tourism.


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